Posted by: tech66 | July 1, 2009

More Tales of OCD Fun

First how weird is it that the last time I posted to this blog it was July 1st 2008 and my last post was about OCD!

So here I am at 4:23 AM.  I should be sleeping but no I’m awake because I have become obsessed with buying a new mobile phone.  And not just any phone, I have gone coo-coo for cocoa puffs over the Touch Screen phones with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like the LG Xenon.  This new obsession has been going on for a week and in that time I have gone to the AT&T store, Best Buy, US Cellular and the Verizon store to look at phones.  I have also scoured the internet in search of review, hacks, SDK’s and the best possible deal to satisfy my OCD.

So why don’t I just pick a phone and buy it already?

Well two things are stopping me: The Voice of Reason a.k.a my lovely and tolerant wife and my current contract does not expire for 27 more days.

When I first talked to my wife about re-newing our mobile phone contracts and getting new phones she turned the idea down.  She doesn’t want a new phone (weird huh?) and she thinks we should cancel my phone since I have a company issued brick that lug around with me.

So if I already have a company mobile phone then why do I need a personal phone?  Because my company issued phone is a bottom of the barrel piece of junk.  And because I want a cool new phone.

Last night I finally told my wife that I have become OCD over getting a new phone. At first she started to give me shit about it but then she realized that it was my ADD/OCD which was driving me over the edge so she backed off.

The bottom line is that it’s 4:47AM and I’m awake because I am obsessing over a material object that will be the center of my attention for a few months until I find something else to obsess over. And even though I can rationalize why I am obsessed over a mobile phone, I still want one.



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